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#MyOriganiCreation Project

#MyOriganiCreation Project

Project ‘Blue Goo’...is calling YOU! Yes, you read it correctly. We at Origani are on a mission to bring to life and put the last (but very important) touches to an organic skincare formula we have been working on for some time. So, here is the story...


The Story behind the Blue Goo

Our R&D team started to make a hydrating, healing and oil-rebalancing gel to beautifully refresh and nurture almost all skin-types. We started off with this incredible blue-coloured base of Copper PCA and Hyaluronic acid and then added some other special skin-loving ingredients as we saw fit. Check out this list of ingredients we have already included:

Copper PCA: Hydrating and oil-regulating
Hyaluronic acid: Skin moisture boosting
Pentavitin: Natural skin protector against dehydration (offering 72 hours of hydration)
Aloe Vera: Healing, redness reducing and cellular renewing
Chamomile: Soothing, calming and softening
Fig: Nutrifying and hydrating
Rose water: Nourishing and brightening


    So, getting back to how it all started. Well, our skincare trial panel almost fell off their chairs with excitement for it and after using it just once, fell instantly in love. ‘Blue Goo’ was born!

    We knew there was more to this new Origani formula and that it could become our next HERO skincare product – it needed a little extra TLC added to the mix. Then, one afternoon, our CEO literally had a light-bulb moment in the middle of the office and came up with the idea to get our loyal Origani followers in-board to help! How cool is that?

    How can you help?

    We are asking YOU to help us create our next organic skincare masterpiece! We need you to help us decide on 5 key elements to being this product to the glory we envision it to be:

    1. Product Texture
    2. Product Fragrance
    3. Product Name
    4.Product Design

      How does it work?

      A new question will be posted on social media regarding one of the 4 topics listed above in September, October, November and December 2019. Simply vote on these “#MyOriganiCreation” posts on Facebook and Instragram.

      The prize:

      There will lots of sample prizes up for grabs along the journey of creation
      10 ultimate winners will receive the final product for FREE
      1 winner has the opportunity to become an Organic Skincare Ambassador!

        Join us on the journey to creating your very own organic skincare product! It’s a once in a life-time opportunity J

        *T&C’s apply

        Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.

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